12 years experience in Web Development
8 years experience in Flash/Flex Development
100+ Successfully Delivered Projects
Quality-driven, timely delivery
Unbeatable Project Management & Business Relationship
Hong Kong Based

Infographic Solutions has been delivering Web application development, Website design, Multimedia presentation, implementation, and E-Commerce solutions to both start-up as well as various 500 SME from all over the world since 1998. Extensive hands-on experience in developing Flex Web Applications, ASP, PHP Programming, and high-end Website design, coupled with deep-rooted knowledge and awareness of the latest industry trends, enables us to provide you with excellent service. Our highly-experienced team of programmers and systems analysts are able to deliver several core competencies.

Along with developing numerous Flash Multimedia & Flex Website Solutions we also have extensive experience in developing online publishing methods, fully searchable and indexable databases, and multi-tier option Archive Development. We offer custom-made Website Design & Solutions, and we can also provide Applications that can be installed and made operational immediately.

Although our core strength is programming in Flex, our talented team of programmers is able to work using most contemporary languages and operating environments. Furthermore, our Web2.0 programming approach to developing and improving Websites aims to facilitate creativity, optimise and enhance user experience in browser-based applications.

Our substantial business domain experience, especially Flex Applications and Website Development, technical expertise, deep understanding of latest industry trends and our quality-driven delivery model enable us to offer progressive end-to-end Enterprise Level Software and web solutions that keep you ahead of your competitors and give you a technological edge that more than justifies the investment that you make in our Services.